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NOA BitProof™ is an innovative feature that secures any audio data transferred to the NOARecord software against silent corruption. It is supported on the N7000c Audio Ingest Frontend and works based on checksum algorithms. For all signals traversing the N7000c, a cyclic checksum is calculated continuously, and that checksum is transmitted through the serial control channel towards the NOARecord software during recording. Simultaneously, the recorded file is validated by the NOARecord software, comparing the stored data to the information received from the Audio Ingest Frontend. This all works with no intervention required from the operator. Should an error occur in the transfer chain, it will be reliably detected. Thus, a domain of trust is established, starting from the Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) using analogue inputs, as well when using the N7000c’s included AES3 digital inputs, covering the complete transfer chain including software and hardware, finally extending towards the recorded document that is going to be stored in the Archive, permanently.

BitProof (a registered trade mark of NOA) is available exclusively in the combination of the NOARecord software and the N7000c Audio Ingest Frontend.

Typical examples of recording errors resulting from silent corruption:

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