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What is NOARecord?

NOARecord is a multi-stream ingest and transcription software for analog and digital audio legacy sources with comprehensive transfer quality control.

NOARecord is available as part of the stand-alone system NOARecord Pico or as a part of a multi-seated digitisation facility aiming for high throughput, then requiring a jobDB or mediARC environment. In combination with the N7000c audio hardware NOARecord offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities.


1-4 stereo channels input

Sample rates up to 192kHz

64bit internal precision

Dante™ and AES Support (N7000c)

Inbuilt monitoring matrix with level control, mute, mix, and solo

Remote-controlled replayer allowing you to operate the machine directly from your desktop

Automatic monitoring of all active stations for continuous quality assessment 

Load multiple settings to accommodate various replayer situations typical of most archives

BitProof™ Support - the end to interstitial errors (N7000c)


Algorithmic based audio analysis available for all sources with different setups

Azimuth warning indication

Digital re/de-emphasise curves for gramophone recordings

Integrated A/D converters can change their EQ and gain based upon workflow controls

Cut and splice detection from tapes (N6035A Tape Light Barrier)

EDL-based segmentation of carriers (see actLINE™ and jobDB™ /mediARC™workflow systems) 

Support for automatically gluing spliced tapes via AutoCut

Classification per comment

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