mediarc metadata

Organize your metadata with mediARC METADATA

Metadata is always changing because content is always changing. Tomorrow’s structure of metadata description could differ significantly from today’s. Some say a non-structured, full-text database is the answer, but a strict hierarchical relationship between entities is not sufficient to describe the content of an archive. mediARC METADATA overcomes that problem by allowing you to define an unlimited number of logical entities and link options between entries for these entities.


• Fuzzy search
• Semantic metadata navigation over item links
• Support for Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR)
• Controlled redundancy management over materialized links
• Variety of edit types available (hierarchical choice lists, string lists, look-up controls to other categories, advanced date/time controls, XML panels, picture, and many others)
• Supports different caption sets for for different language and/or archiving standards
• Regular expression support on field level
• Full Unicode support


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